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social networking solutions

Allowing users to build a network is a latest way of attracting business. There are many social networking solutions, which do very well in almost every field. In such a scenario, how will your community portal design stand out? Turtlejet answers this question.

Turtlejet is a Custom social network development company hailing from a strong, web-based development background. We offer your visitors beyond the basics, leveraging "their" networking experience and "your" revenue. Our skilled social network developer and designer team possesses deep domain expertise to deliver social networking solutions enabling your customer create communities, improving your business.

Customers wanting to gain a competitive edge, above all, rely on Turtlejet's social network development and social network design solutions. Our skilled team implements some of the best and latest features to cover all aspects of social networking web site development. We affect customer behavior, increase revenue, and drive business decisions by leveraging the collective intelligence of your online customer communities.

Turtlejet introduces an excellent framework for quick deployment of business networking solutions, and easy and full depth custom social network development. We provide completely flexible, scalable and tailored solutions especially to solve your business needs. Our goal is to create a portal connecting customer to your business. At Turtlejet, we offer unparalleled strategy, creativity and technology!

The following is a glimpse of what Turtlejet has to offer in terms of social network development:

  • Out-of-the-box development strategy
  • Completely customizable look and feel
  • Provides rich API for developing Social Applications
  • Provides rich API for developing Social Applications
  • Rich & Elegant User Profiles
  • Flexible Lead-Follow-Mutual Social Graphing similar to Twitter,, or Flickr
  • Organic Privacy Manager based on Social Graph and Privacy Groups
  • Intelligent Story Updates and Public Messaging
  • Translatable and Multi-lingual Interface & Messages
  • Fully Ajax User Interfaces and seamless Amazon Cloud Storage System Integration
  • Rich API for developing Social Applications
  • Photo Sharing Applications
  • Created using MVC architecture for better performance