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The past few years have seen the rapid rise of the virtual interaction facet of the web paving the way for what we know as the social networking revolution. Right from the inception of the first portal that provided facilities for netizens to connect over the web to the present day state-of-the-art multifunctional portals; the IT industry and the world in general has been witness to the intense growth of this trend.

The present day social networking designing, social networking website design and web portal design arenas have already broken projected thresholds of user interactivity and continue to pioneer changes and initiatives that are beyond common imagination and aptitude. With the purpose and the goal of portal development transcending the initial estimates of bringing the world closer, the current in-vogue social networking portal offers much more than that: meeting people with similar interests, making friends, finding lost pals, finding love and romance, technology assistance, business networking and a lot more.

Turtlejet proclaims acknowledged leadership in this domain with social networking solutions, social networking designing, social networking website design, portal development and web portal design figuring among the key strength segments in its portfolio. Turning social networking into a business prospect and ensuring high ROIs for its client has become a perennially successful skill that Turtlejet has imbibed in its operations. Catering to elite clientele from across the globe; Turtlejet helps in bringing the world closer with simultaneous expansion of business opportunities that easily cross geographical borders.

With an astute investment of over 400 man years towards garnering and cultivating competencies in the social network development arena; right from visualization and design to implementations of robust foundations and frameworks, Turtlejet proves to be a leader in this segment. Irrespective of the size of the business venture, Turtlejet’s vision, values and expertise are sure to turn your concept into full fledged, living and breathing web based community portals that provide high ROIs and cater to the dynamically increasing needs of the market, yielding greater revenues and increased dividends.

Why Turtlejet?

  • Extensive expertise in the social networking website development, community portal development, social networking solutions, social networking designing, web portal design and corporate portal development through the successful deployment of more than 20 large-scale projects
  • Exhaustive expertise in conceptualizing, strategizing and implementation of scalable E-commerce solutions including B2B and B2C exchanges
  • Proven success in executing online commerce-to-commerce portals as well as deployment of P2P hubs

Turtlejet Offerings:

  • Social Communities and Corporate Networks
  • Commerce Solutions - B2B, B2C Exchanges
  • Community Portals/Vortals - C2C and P2P Hubs
  • Wireless and Mobile Community Portal

Turtlejet Competencies :

Operating Systems

Linux, Unix, Windows OS, Mac OS

Development Environments

LAMP Framework, Microsoft .NET 2.0 frameworks, Symbian Platform, Win CE MS .NET Platform

Development Tools

Visual Studio .NET, Visual Source Safe, C#, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, Borland C++

Technology Base

Application Development: ASP3, ASP. Net, C#, VC++, VB, ADSI, COM & DCOM, WinSock & Win Inet., Microsoft .NET. PHP 5.0, Perl , win CE 5.0 , Symbian series 9.0 Protocols: TCP/IP, WAP Stack, Blue Tooth, SMS, MMS, 3GPP, VoIP

Case Design Tools

ER Win, Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio


Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5.0, PostGreSQL


Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL

E commerce Engines

.Net commerce, MS Site Server, MS Commerce Server