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A Digital Advertising Inventory Exchange

Ad Exchange is a digital marketplace where the online exchange of digital advertising space takes place as the advertisers and publishers buy and sell the advertising space through a real-time bidding process. This bidding process eliminates all the problems or inefficiencies of the traditional advertising value chain and helps publishers and advertisers to get the maximum value or benefit for their digital advertising needs.

Real Time Bidding Process

In the real time bidding process, ad exchange will deploy publisher’s inventory to the highest paying advertiser at the rate of one impression at a time and this will take only a few milliseconds to happen. In this process, as the user visits the publisher website URL, the publisher sends a request to ad exchange for a relevant ad of particular specifications. Ad exchange then makes the details of the visitor or impression available to all the advertisers available on the network and conducts an auction for that impression between multiple advertisers. The advertisers then bid for the impression based on the demographical and behavioral user data, add context and type of ad unit according to their requirements. The highest paying advertiser wins the auction and his ad is displayed on the publisher’s website.

Ad Exchange by Turtlejet

Turtlejet’s Ad Exchange is an entrepreneurial product that has been designed for the businesses so that they could go for marketing their needs in a much quicker and an effective way. This programmatic exchange facilitates for the ad inventory trade online such that the publishers and advertising firms get the maximum value. This ad exchange platform has been designed to give the advertisers complete visibility into the advertising inventory and access to buy it at a reasonable price. We know that both publishers and advertisers should benefit equally from this marketplace and hence, have developed ad exchange that allows publishers to get complete information about the ad buyers, beat the direct competition with an online auction mechanism and drive up the better price for their ad space.

Unlike ad networks, it allows advertisers to bid for each and every impression in real time and go for audience targeting for display of their ads only to those who are likely to respond to them. On the other hand, ad retargeting helps the advertisers to get maximum business from their ads as they get displayed to the customers (who visited the publisher’s website URL containing the ad of the advertising firm) even after the website is closed. This gets more business and customers for the advertiser.

Benefits of Ad Exchange

Based on the real-time auction mechanism, the ad exchange process of buying and selling ads online can be beneficial for both advertisers as well as the publishers.

Advantages to the Advertisers

  • Ensures complete transparency for ad positioning, ad relevance, and price (advertisers get visibility on the publisher site, visitor and ad unit which they are bidding on)
  • Brand Protection
  • Easy to plan buying strategy based on the real time, impression level data
  • Saving of time and efforts to decide which ad space to buy
  • One stop for enabling advertising across multiple networks
  • Better control over ads display with audience targeting methods like behavioral targeting, ad retargeting, geographic targeting, inventory targeting, cross-platform ad targeting etc.

Advantages to the Publishers

  • Drives up the price of the ad space as multiple advertisers bid for every ad impression
  • Revenue maximization for the publishers as they can get the highest player to utilize their inventory
  • Access to wide range of advertisers for ensuring maximum ad inventory sale for the publishers
  • Ensure maximum yield across multiple participating networks
  • Saves time and efforts for publishers to decide ad inventory allocation to the display the right ad to the right audience
  • More transparency as publishers get granular information on who is buying the inventory and what are they paying for it
  • Real-time auction process allows for publishers to put lesser efforts to forecast inventory for sale.
So, with our ad exchange platform, enterprises would no longer require customizing the ad networks for their advertising needs. Enterprises can now get access to our licensed ad exchange product that facilitates for ad buying and selling in real time through the widely acclaimed RTB or online auction technology and hence, can derive maximum value for their digital advertising needs.

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