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Over a period of time, a lot of junk is accumulated on your computers like temporary files, broken shortcuts, and temp internet files. All these put together greatly impact the performance of the PC. It is hence necessary to clean up these files on a regular basis.

Disk TuneUp is one such program that can help you clean up your PC and save disk space as well as improve the performance.


Here’s what Disk TuneUp Can help you do:
Security and Privacy

It helps you delete passwords, internet files and configuration files. It also helps you clean up system restore points accordingly. It cleans of remnants of any files that you have previously deleted and helps clear the clutter.

Speed and Stability

Unneeded files are removed and the system boots up faster. It can efficiently remove the startup programs that are not required during system boot. It also helps clean the registry and makes the Windows operating system more stable and smooth.

Space and performance

Disk space can be saved and increased by removing unnecessary clutter or remnants of unnecessary programs that take up space on the disk.


Add user defined Scan Rules:
Custom path and Delete

You can add the custom path of files and folders and then set up cleaning for those specific folders. This path is flexible. When not required you can remove it too.


You can remove that path once you have cleaned up that particular file or folder.

Clear stats

You can view clear stats for how many files and folders have been cleaned and how many are pending.


you can reset the number to as and when required.


Things you can do with Tool option in Disk TuneUp:

As the name suggests, uninstaller allows the user to remove or say uninstall a particular application from the system. All they are required is to do is to just select the application to be deleted and click on uninstall or remove button.

Start Up

There are some applications which start automatically as soon as you start or restart your computer thereby slowing down the booting process of your PC. Hence, you can now disable the programs you do not want them to start every time with system start or restart. The startup allows you to enable and disable these applications and save up the list of startup applications in a particular drive.

Internet Explorer

This option allows the users to enable and disable BHO or Browser Helper Objects and extensions files available for the Internet Explorer.


You can now enable and disable plugins for your Firefox browser easily with DiskTune Up with the help of this option. Just select the plugin and click on enable or disable button below and it will be done.

Context Menu

Enabling and disabling the context menu options is easier with this option. For example consider you have right clicked on a folder on your desktop, the context menu that will appear as a result we have some built-in options like cut, copy, create shortcut etc. However, it is possible to even include the custom file or application names here in the context menu. So, you can now add or remove specific application names in the context menu with this option.

System Restore

System restore allows the users to easily delete all the system restore points available on a drive in your PC. You can even save the list of these in a particular drive.

Disk Wipe

Disk Wipe enables cleaning of entire disk with free space wiping operation. Here all you need to do is to select the drive which you want to wipe or clean thoroughly so that the data or files in it can never be recovered. Usually the files that are deleted can be recovered using a data recovery software but when the disk space if freed using disk wipe the files and data present in the disk can never be recovered using any software.

Other special features of this product are:
  • You can protect your web browsing privacy on shared PCs and networks.
  • Remove or clean up information in the Windows Registry that is no longer needed.
  • Helps you uninstall software that you no longer use.
  • Recover hard disk space that is filled with junk from deleted files.

Disk TuneUp is generally for running a maintenance task on your PC. It will not help you remove viruses or malware. For that, you will require an antivirus. It will also not be able to defragment your hard drive. Once removed, the files cannot be recovered as well.

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