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Software Monetization

Turtlejet introduces Software Monetization, one of its best services. We are an international ad network specializing in affiliate marketing and advertising. We build strong relationships between publishers and advertisers. The sole intention behind the invention of software monetization is delivering campaign profitability and success. Our highly qualified professionals clubbed with the use of latest tools and technologies makes us the leading advertising and publishing ad networks internationally.

Software monetization is all about accepting and putting into the practice the strategies that will help to increase your revenue and maximize your profit. You can
integrate your software with toolbars for displaying the advertisement.

You can integrate games, utility, scanner or video player with monetization software.

For example: if a user is installing Java, they also offer them to install Google Toolbar.If users install a toolbar with Java installer, they get money.

Another example is: let us assume that you are downloading a game. Using your game installer/setup file, you can offer software scanner, toolbar or video player to others. If they install your game installer as well as other software, you earn forever to install. So, it is all about PPI (Pay per Install).

Our Skills

Web traffic monetization: We provide the best
web advertising solutions that provide you with
long lasting costs and ensure you reach your
goals with successful media campaigns.
Mobile traffic monetization: We also offer
you with the mobile advertising package that
connects you with quality sources and makes
your campaign a huge success, thus
increasing your ROI
Bundling monetization software with scanner, game
Installer development
Distributing monetization software
Video traffic inventory: Get traffic from
the top tier with the best video and images
collection along with full transparency and
effective reporting tools.
Retargeting inventory: We keep your brand
in front and center when the customer is ready to
by ensuring high click through rate resulting
into the cost-effective marketing results.

turtlejet Image

Integrating monetization software


Whether you sell products or you are insurance company, the point is you are an
advertiser and you are ready to pay to promote your business, so why not to the best possible company. Through the Software Monetization service, you can:

Target better

Increase ROI

Go global by getting international market experience


Whether it is an eCommerce business or IT company, your job is to promote their
business and earn the commission. Using Software Monetization, you can attain
success by:

Augment revenue

Reliable payments

Global presence

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