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custom-toolbar-developmentTurtlejet offers the finest toolbar and plug-in development solutions to the clients to improve their browsing experience. We have a team of the experienced toolbar and plug-in developers with extensive knowledge of programming to deliver the best customized toolbar and plug-in development solutions for your organization. The customized toolbar and plug-in development will enhance your browser with features like the download manager, search engines, frequently used business applications, entertainment solutions and much more just with a single click without the need of navigating away from the browser.

Turtlejet assures the extensibility options for the newly developed plug-in/toolbar on the same toolbar platform or on an expanding toolbar platform with the new features and interfaces added regularly. We develop toolbar and plug-in solutions meeting customer’s specific requirements with stability, less development time, best cost and extended compatibility. We are expert in the development of toolbars and plug-ins for all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer etc.

Toolbar and Plug-in Development from Turtlejet provides:
  • Extensive technology
  • Backward compatibility
  • Advanced compatibility
  • Tight integration with browsers
  • One platform-many implementations
  • Custom Toolbar/ plug-in development with the help of Framework
  • Shorten development time
  • Best cost in the market
Benefits of Customized Toolbar and Plug-in Development:
  • Rich browsing experience
  • Organized work environments
  • Time saving shortcuts
  • One Click access to your website & pages
  • Logo incorporated on your customized toolbar/plug-in
  • Increased user retention and usage
  • View Alerts, Notifications, messages, and updates
  • View better quality graphics and videos on your browser
  • Faster access to search engines
  • Quicker access to frequently used applications
  • Get News, Feeds, weather forecast etc. right on your browser
  • Deploy new Web products remotely on User’s Desktop and make them instantly usable.

If you need more information on Toolbar and Plug-ins Development, please contact us today at https://www.turtlejet.net/contact-us/ or 1-631-897-7276 (US) or send us an email at sales@turtlejet.net

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