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custom-safariSince the advent of Safari browsers, it has made web browsing simple and efficient for Mac users. Although not used by many platforms, Safari browser is equally competent as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Mac users have become adept at using Safari. This familiarity makes Safari a more advantageous Internet browser for Mac users. Safari offers simplicity; however, safari toolbar development or customization is a little problematic.

Having said that, Turtlejet – a toolbar development company makes customizable browsing possible through impeccable Apple Safari toolbar development.Turtlejet helps you in business expansion giving your business an opportunity to increase its audience in the Mac OS market. Our professional team also helps to create a Safari version of your existing toolbar.

Toolbars help users gain a one-click access to the frequently used applications, without navigating away. The proficient team at Turtlejet has many years of hands-on experience in toolbar and extension development. Based on the user requirement, we at Turtlejet, India, quickly engage in Safari Toolbar Programming.

Being web architects, we engage in quality Safari toolbar development that can dynamically format them at runtime, which actually depends on the nature of the browsed web page. We believe in high quality, Customized Safari toolbar development tailored to meet your specific business goals.

Why Turtlejet?
  • In-depth analysis of client requirement
  • Innovative yet impeccable solutions
  • Timely delivery and affordable solutions
  • 24*7 support
  • Offshore development possible
  • Use of cutting-edge technology

Turtlejet has devoted extensive research and development resources in evolving dynamic toolbars. Built on robust yet highly flexible architecture, Turtlejet empowers both the general users and the developer community to customize their browsing experience through Safari toolbar development.

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