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micro-bloggingTurtlejet has pioneered in micro-blogging toolbar development. Micro-blogging toolbar developers at Turtlejet have trained themselves with a lot of research and latest technology in the field of micro-blogging. Our niche in understanding your needs and developing cost-efficient products with the use of latest technology brings us to the top in the industry. Turtlejet develops customized micro-blogging toolbar as per your need. Our easy to install micro-blogging toolbar with minimal technical complexities, help you use your time efficiently. Microblogging toolbar development was never so easy.

For those of you that haven’t come across the term before, micro-blogging is the business of sending out small communications to your friends on a frequent basis. The main micro-blogging tools are Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku and other status update services. This is a newish development and is one of those things that polarize people at the moment.

With the launch of so many Social networking sites that allow small-blogging services, marketing professional and advertisers post their blogs at many sites for the promotion of their product, the crucial problem here is time. It is a hectic task to post blogs for promotion individually at each and every site.

Turtlejet launches its awe-inspiring micro-blogging toolbar, whose features astonish you, as it solves the greatest problems of micro-bloggers, allowing them to publish their blogs or statuses at various sites simultaneously. Along with this get more features introduced to your micro-blogging toolbar, which you had only imagined, with custom micro-blogging toolbar development.

Some Features of microblogging toolbar are:
  • Allows you to see and reply to others’ posts and let them see and reply to yours
  • Posting pictures, videos, sounds and other stuff aside from the usual text post.
  • And much more

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