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Internet-Explorer-Extension-Development-CompanyInternet Explorer Extension Development allows additional browser functionalities or features to enhance the user’s browsing experience. The IE Developers add features to the browser and enhance the user interface in such a way that is not directly related to the viewable content of the web pages. IE Extension Development includes add-on functionality which is a powerful way to enable new features in a browser.

To make your browser experience really exciting, Turtlejet will help you to create your Customized IE Extensions at an affordable cost. Our experienced IE Developers will take your IE browser experience to a higher level by developing superb extensions that do not cause Internet Explorer to crash or become unresponsive.

Some of the features of our IE Extensions:
  • Shortcut menu extensions
  • Toolbars
  • Explorer bars with style guides
  • Quality BHO’s (browser helper objects)
  • Adding menu Items
  • Custom download manager
  • Toolbar button with style guide
  • Web accessories
  • Skins to customize browser toolbar, sidebars, deskbars, etc.

We use the latest technology, advanced frameworks and attractive designs to develop Internet Explorer Extensions. Feel free to contact us today at www.turtlejet.net/contact or 1-631-897-7276 (US) or send us an email at sales@turtlejet.net. Our sales representative will contact you shortly to cater to your needs.

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