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Adware or Advertising Support Software automatically renders advertisements to generate more revenue opportunities. This is the most popular way of marketing your products and services to a wide spectrum of customers at a global scale. Turtlejet provides customized Adware Solutions to our clients allowing them to stay away from hazardous Adware and protects their system from an unnecessary crash-down.

Adware Development


With the extensive experience into Adware Development, Turtlejet provides secured Adware Development facilitating unique security of your critical data. We understand the gravity and confidentiality of the data, therefore, empowering us to deliver the perfect Adware Solutions to our clients. In addition to Customized Adware Development and Adware Solutions, we also provide effective Adware Removers and other Adware Promotion Systems.

Our Adware Solutions will thoroughly cater to your business requirements and define a new way for marketing of your products and services. We analyze the advertiser requirement and publish the software using Active X and Toolbar. Our Adware Solutions can track downloads; user hits and advertisers can also directly register to publisher’s add page to promote their products and services.

Our Adware features include:
  • Setting a list of keyword, URL, Redirect URL and Popup URL
  • Setting the homepage, desktop icon and favorites
  • Running your own Ad Network like Double Click, Link Share, Engage and others with the Ad Network Module
  • The target audience can be set based on Keywords, Demography, Browsing behavior, IP address etc.
  • Setting error page and search pages
  • Getting registered with a publisher’s services
  • Unlimited number of websites in one account or campaign
  • Use of Fast Search provided by the software
  • Discount upon shopping via publisher’s advertisement network

To know more about our Services and Offerings contact us today at sales@turtlejet.net or call us at 1-631-897-7276 or fill the contact form at turtlejet.net/contact-us/

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