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hire-toolbar-developerTurtlejet is a complete solution provider for the customized toolbar development services at a very affordable cost. Our Toolbar Development Services offer multiple features and functions to escalate your business to a newer height.

Would you like to develop a customized toolbar or plug-in for your browser? Hire a qualified Toolbar Developer today who has extensive knowledge about toolbar development, can deliver the best toolbar solutions and empower you with the high-end products. Also, our toolbar developers are capable of developing feature-rich toolbars like add-ons, plug-ins, skins, buttons, alerts, scrolling windows, search box, drag and drop options, radio controls etc.

Hiring a Toolbar Developer from Turtlejet entitles you to following benefits:
  • Extensive experience in Toolbar and Plug-in development
  • Young pool of toolbar developers available for research and development
  • Follow widely accepted standard method of coding
  • Perform Unit Testing of module being developed
  • Product passes through various Quality Assurance Tests before being presented for client approval
  • Toolbar developer hiring from Turtlejet maintains confidentiality of work
  • Perpetual availability for support through mail, IM and phone
  • Ownership right of the final source code is transferred to client
  • Teamwork implementation through Scrum methodology and Agile methodology of development
  • Maintenance and Support even after the product is developed and delivered thereby taking the full responsibility of the code written by us
  • Simple and easy to understand documentation
  • Hired toolbar developers from Turtlejet also educates the client to use Content Management System and manage their website.
  • Save tremendous amount of recruitment cost by hiring Full Time/Part Time/Contract Toolbar Programmers

Contact us today to hire our Skilled and Dedicated Toolbar Developers at 1-631-897-7276 (US) or email us at sales@turtlejet.net or fill out contact form at www.turtlejet.net/contact

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