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In this era of smartphones, the idea of widgets is spreading like a wildfire. Most people are using it on their phones, as they realise the wide range of benefits. Earlier people avoided its use, as it was eating up the memory in the phone. However, with the advancement in technology, today we have got phones with 2 GB RAM, so we do not have to worry about the space.

The field of Windows Mobile Widget Development is booming because of the long list of benefits of widgets in the phones. Let us throw some light on the most significant benefits for the same:


The best thing about the widgets is that they are right in front of your face. There are a few things which about which you want to stay updated or want to update it by yourself every now and then. for example, weather conditions or to-do list. So, it shall be really convenient to you if they are in front of you on the wallpaper.


If the things which you need to use frequently are not on the wallpaper and hidden somewhere into the folders; you will take a lot of time to open it each time you want to use it. Travelling from home screen to the destination folder not only takes a lot of time but also drains out the battery of your phone. So, using widgets shall help you increase the life of the battery.


You have paid a lot extra for the large screen phone that you are using, just because using small screen phones are embarrassing these days. So, why not make the most out of this large screen? You can use the screen for widgets so that you can see everything at once.

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