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Deskband is a technical term to describe generic toolbars which enhance browsers such as Internet Explorer. Deskband toolbar is not just a toolbar but provides long-running programs that continue to run even after all the browsers are closed. Deskbands have achieved popularity and benefited many users with its multi-functional features. At turtlejet we are proud to take toolbars to newer heights for Internet Explorer.

Deskband Toolbar Development

The Deskband Toolbar Development allows searching any text in the search engine. It provides the functionality of drag and drops to the particular folder, file etc. and create URL shortcuts. It also allows blocking of pop-up and support for plug-ins. There are additional features to create multiple level menus and submenus with icons and option of deleting deskband menus. turtlejet Deskband automatically gets updated with the new version from the server side with a variety of other features.

turtlejet Deskband Toolbar Development Services provide innovative functionalities such as XML based dynamic deskband development, search box features, logo support for deskband, multiple search engine options, skin-able deskband, deskband plug-in alerts, deskband dynamic settings, a variety of GUI combinations for deskband support etc.

Our major features include:
  • Customized Menu and Links with Custom Icons.
  • Menu Add/Remove Buttons
  • Popup Blocker
  • E Search Pane
  • Watch URL Browsing
  • Auto Update and Upgrade
  • Auto Login
  • Skin/Theme Support
  • My Favorite Links
  • Plug-ins Support
  • Customizable SDK
  • Plug-ins Alerts

You can contact us at turtlejet.net/contact-us/ or call us at 1-631-897-7276 to know more about our Deskband Toolbar Development Services and Offerings.

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